Centocor, Inc. (J&J) had Bud Maltin Metropolitan Music entertain at their National Convention for three consecutive years. There, the band performed for guests such as Aida Turturro and Rudy Guliani along with Bryan Adams.
Kimberly Locke of American Idol

American Idol's Kimberly Locke performed with Bud Maltin at the 2003 convention

Aida Turturro and Bud Maltin Aida Turturro and Bud Maltin     Rudy Guilani
Bryan Adams Bryan Adams

The Soprano's Aida Turturro (Centocor spokesperson) with Bud at the 2002 convention

Rudy Guilani was the featured speaker at the 2001 convention.

Bud opened for Bryan Adams at the 2002 Convention